First-time registration of a vehicle

The service can be used for the first-time registration of a new vehicle if the vehicle has a registration number and registration plates. Complete the first-time registration before taking the vehicle into traffic use and attaching the registration plates to the vehicle. To report via the service, you will need a digital certificate, which will be provided to you by the seller. The date on which the first-time registration is made is marked as the date on which the vehicle was taken into use.

You can take the vehicle into traffic use immediately after you have completed the first-time registration and attached the registration plates. Registration plates are paid when completing the first-time registration of the vehicle and the price of the registration plates is added to the first-time registration fee.

Here is what you need to do:

My e-Services
Sign in to the My e-Services service and select First-time registration using a digital certificate. Fill in the vehicle's information.
My e-Services
Make the payment for the first-time registration and return to the service. A receipt will be provided for you.
The final task is to check in My e-Services that your vehicle's information has been updated. Once the registration plates have been attached to the vehicle, you can start using the vehicle.

The most cost-effective way to submit a notification to Trafi is by using a digital certificate

  • Via the My e-Services service, you have complete access to your vehicle's information and, if necessary, you can also report other information to the register.

Requirements for first-time registrations via e-Services

  • The vehicle has valid motor insurance.
  • The age limit for reporting via the service is 15 years.
  • You need to log in to use the service.
  • If the owner is a minor who does not have the right to drive the vehicle in question, the information of the holder who is using the vehicle must be provided.
  • If the reported owner or holder is a private person, they must have a Finnish personal identity code.
  • If the reported owner or holder is an organisation, it must have a valid business ID.

Use of the service is not possible in the following cases: 

  • The processing of vehicle data is pending
  • The vehicle has been issued with a transfer restriction
  • The vehicle is in special use (a rescue vehicle, a hearse or a veterinary vehicle)
  • The vehicle does not have a valid registration number
  • The vehicle is a stolen vehicle

Other service channels:

  • A car dealership or finance company can take care of the registration for you in connection with the purchase of a new vehicle.
  • In-person visit to an insurance company or a service point of an inspection station which handles registration matters. As a new owner, you will need either a digital certificate or a prior notification certificate to report a first-time registration.
  • Electronic self-services provided by your insurance company (if any). You will need a digital certificate to use the service.

Service available in languages: Finnish, Swedish

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