Vehicle registration and tax information

Using the registration number, you can check the vehicle tax paid and due as well as all register entries relating to any vehicle. If your vehicle tax is due or overdue, you can also pay it in this service. Once you are signed into the My e-Services portal, you can view the same information for all vehicles that you own or that are in your possession.

The content of register entries varies depending on privacy settings, the type of vehicle and the date on which the vehicle was registered. Individuals can restrict access to register entries relating to their vehicles, and Trafi cannot disclose any personal information associated with vehicle data in such circumstances. Even if access to register entries has been restricted in this manner, you will still need to pay the service charge for retrieving the entries.

This service is designed for

retrieving information about the owners or holders of vehicles, vehicle inspections, whether a vehicle has been deregistered or decommissioned, the registration and use of vehicles, as well as any unpaid tax or insurance, based on the vehicle registration number. If you are the registered owner or holder of the vehicle in question, you can access these register entries free of charge through the My e-Services portal.

paying any vehicle tax that is due or overdue.

This service can be used to retrieve the following register entries:

  • Basic data concerning your own vehicle (free of charge)
    • Vehicle registration and tax information contained in the My e-Services portal (Languages: Finnish, Swedish)
  • Public vehicle tax information by registration number (free of charge; Languages: Finnish, Swedish)
    • If your vehicle tax is due or overdue, you can also pay it in this service.
  • Public vehicle registration information (against a service charge; Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English)
  • Basic vehicle data (sample)
  • Basic and historical vehicle data (sample)
  • Technical vehicle data (sample)
  • Vehicle register extract (sample)

Conditions for using the service

  • To search public records, you need to know the vehicle registration number.
  • To log into the My-Services portal, you need your online banking username and password or a digital certificate.
  • To pay vehicle tax, you need your online banking username and password.
  • The vehicle must be included in the Vehicular and Driver Data Register and/or the tax database.

Please note:

  • The records go back to approximately 1989. For older register entries, you need to order the documents separately.
  • The ownership history contains the information for one natural person as previous owner. For others, and if the ownership ceased more than five years ago, the history is only stated as "Private person". Information on organisations as owners is always provided.
  • With regard to restriction data, the search function only retrieves entries on the basis of which the use of a vehicle was prohibited. The search function does not retrieve entries relating to alteration restrictions.
  • Any information retrieved using the service must not be used for illegal purposes or for purposes that could compromise the privacy of individuals.
  • The primary purpose of the service is to allow consumers who are in the process of purchasing a vehicle to verify the reliability of the vehicle and owner information given by the seller, such as whether the seller owns the vehicle in question. The service can also be used for purposes relating to traffic safety, vehicles, vehicular traffic or pollution, or driving a vehicle.
  • To open PDF files, you need Adobe Reader software, which can be downloaded free of charge at

Service available in languages: Finnish, Swedish

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Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999)
Personal Data Act (523/1999)
Vehicular and Driver Data Register Act (541/2003)